Workshop on creative imagination

March 7, 2024

6pm – 8pm

Bd. Saturn nr. 50, Brașov

100lei / session
320lei / 4 sessions


Unleash your emotions in a creative workshop led by visual artist Claudiu Spasici.

This workshop combines interactive activities and unconventional methods that facilitate the expression and understanding of emotions through art. Various techniques for managing feelings are proposed under the guidance of the facilitator.

What can you experience?
You will be guided through a set of awareness exercises that involve activities such as fluid painting, sculpting, creative writing, and the creation of seals. Each is designed to stimulate imagination and provide a free space for the authentic expression of emotions.

Benefits of participation:
The workshop not only offers an opportunity to develop creativity but also provides practical tools for managing and expressing daily desires, expectations, and frustrations. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with your inner world and discover new and unconventional ways to express your thoughts and feelings.

THE FIRST SESSION IS FREE (MAX. 10 participants).
Subsequent sessions are paid, with a maximum of 5 participants. Costs: With a subscription for 4 sessions, the price is 320 RON (80 RON/session). Without a subscription, the price is 100 RON/session.

The workshop takes place every Thursday.

Discover the artistic power within you and reserve your spot now for a captivating and transformative experience!