Tour of the Goldsmiths Museum

past event

6pm – 7pm

Bulevardul Eroilor 23 Brașov


At the Radisson Blu Aurum Hotel, the public gets an exploratory feeling, having the unique opportunity to join an exceptional tour, guided by specialists for a foray into the world of artistic treasures and jewelry.

The journey to the hidden treasure begins in the heart of Brașov. The Jewelry Exhibition and the Goldsmiths Museum in the Radisson Blu Aurum Hotel serve as a direct communication link with the artists who created the superb jewelry collection. In addition to the answers to various questions, and the disclosure of the secrets typical of this craft, the public has the opportunity to purchase various products to enrich their personal collection or identify the successful gift.

Experience includes:

  • Visiting the Goldsmiths’ Museum in the basement of the Radisson Blu Aurum hotel, including the presentation of the piece of the defense wall of the Brașov Citadel discovered during the construction of the hotel.
  • Exhibition: Ioan Aron Țaroi and Victoria Țaroi.
  • The presentation about the Bastion of the Goldsmiths is done by Daniel Nazare, director of the “George Barițiu” County Library.
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