Șchei neighbourhood – Local shrines & ancient forest trails

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11 am – 2 pm
4 pm – 7 pm

400 lei/pers.

Brașov started out as a Saxon settlement on the merchant road from East to West. Romanians were not allowed to own property within the city walls during the first centuries of city life and were only allowed access through one of the gates. So they slowly started building and settling around that gate, the result of those decades of expansion being the Old Schei Neighbourhood, stretching high into the mountain, a cluster of cobblestone streets and chaotic urban development.

This easy walk/hike takes us through forest trails, around the Schei neighborhood, and on the hills that act as a natural fortress. We will discover the Schei architecture, learn about troițe – spiritual places for the locals, and get to see a fantastic panorama over  Brașov.

Experience includes: guide, sandwich (vegan option), water, tea/coffee

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