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6pm – 8pm
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40 lei/pers
25 lei kids under 12 years old

Our Art is in Your Heart!

Another kind of NAG (White Night of the Galleries). More seductive through synesthesia and stronger through the 20 host spaces and more than 50 exhibiting artists, is transposed to the public on October 7.

The White Night is no longer white but embraces the color, shape, and connection from various angles of the historic center of Brasov. Art enthusiasts will be able to admire products from the areas of painting, sculpture, photography, collage, textiles, mixed media, digital art, and ceramics, belonging to the vision of local artists.

What you will experience:

  • Unique guided tours: Step into the world of art with the help of specialized guides, artists, or art curators who will accompany you on a fascinating foray through local creations. You will discover interesting stories and artistic interpretations.
  • Interaction with the artists: The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that you will have the chance to interact directly with the artists from Brasov. Talk to them about the creative process, inspiration, and vision, which will add depth to your artistic experience.
  • Artwork for sale: Artwork displayed in shop windows is available for purchase. This is the perfect time to enrich your personal collection or give a truly special gift.
  • Unique cultural ambiance: the historic center of Brașov will transform into a land of art and culture. You will explore charming little streets and discover artistic surprises at every street corner.

Contribution to the community: Participation in this event supports local artists and promotes culture in Brașov. It’s a great way to get involved in the creative community.

The experience will be unforgettable, and the sublime will find its place in the hearts of all creative lovers in the versatile conceptualization of varied dimensions. The occasion is unique thanks to guided tours by specialists, the art fair, and the specially prepared networking party!

On request, the tours can also be in English.

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