Brașov’s hills, valleys, glades, and springs

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10 am – 2 pm

450 lei/pers.

Select an unforgettable guided tour of the stunning hills, valleys, and meadows with springs in the surrounding Brasov. Our journey begins with a gondola ride up the Tâmpa, Stechil’s Meadow, and Solomon’s Stones, where you’ll experience breathtaking views. A trip up the mountain on a shaded forest road with woods and flowers as far as the eye can see. Sometimes, the eye also sees deer or squirrels. 

We’ll start with a relaxing gondola ride up the Tâmpa, taking in the natural beauty of the reserve along the way. The site is designated as a Site of Community Importance due to its protected species of fauna and flora.

Next, we’ll make our way through the meadows, enjoying moments of calm and quiet as we listen to the leaves crunching under our feet with the light breaking into a million rays as it enters the woods. Our journey will culminate at Solomon’s Rocks, a place of special significance in the history of Brasov where you can drink fresh spring water.

According to legend, King Solomon of Hungary fell into the abyss at this very spot, splitting the mountain in two and creating the iconic rock formations we see today. His crown, too, fell and landed at the root of a tree that grew through it – the emblem of the city to this day and an explanation for the German name of Kronstadt.

Join us on this incredible journey through the hills, valleys, and meadows surrounding Brasov, and experience the natural wonders and rich history of this breathtaking region.

Distance 10 km

Ascent 330 m

Descent 440 m

Experience includes: guide, sandwich (vegan option), water, tea/coffee

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