We combine culture with tourism in such a way as to offer unique events

Memorable places

In addition to the already-known places, we also focus on the hidden ones. Full of magic and lesser-known stories, get ready to discover them!

Excellent guides

Our partners are creative, active and willing to share their knowledge.


Whether it’s a small tasting at the end of the experience or small gifts, we end the trip in a pleasant way.


An important component for us is that each activity offered brings you useful and interesting information.


Our mission and vision

Sewa is a cultural and creative tourism company. Sewa Experiences offer visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and connect with the real locals. This approach is not only more authentic but also supports the local economy and promotes cultural preservation.

Through partnering with local communities and creative people, Sewa wants to become the platform through which new perspectives, experiences, and meaningful connections with people and the environment can be embedded.



Rareș Mardache

Office Manager

Mara Oprișiu

Manager Proiect

Monica Moruzan

Product Manager

Ioana Tîmpa

Specialist Turism

Larisa Ciulei

Specialist Marketing

Anca Petrescu

Specialist Experiențe

Dominic Mălinaș



Agata Seceleanu

Artist, Terapeut, Ghid

iulia Șuta

Artist, Web Dev

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