“Focus on Goal” Tour  at BNR

An Occasion for Exploring the History and Taste of Brașov

On a crisp autumn Monday, November 13th, the SEWA Experiences community hosted a special event, providing entrepreneurs from Brașov with a journey into the city’s rich past. The chosen location for this adventure was the Palatul Czell, an iconic building steeped in history at every corner.

For an hour, participants had the privilege of exploring the treasure room and the BNR vault, delving into the stories and secrets of the central bank. The tour, named “Focus pe Țel” (”Focus on Goal”), shed light on the cultural heritage, offering a unique perspective on local history.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the tasting of specialty coffee provided by Book Coffee Shop. The rich and pleasant aromas created a gustatory symphony, complemented by the success story of the Brașovian brand. Participants had the chance to enjoy not only heritage but also the authentic taste of a thriving local business.

The event was made possible through a partnership with the Cultural Association KunSTadt, whose support and collaboration we sincerely appreciate.

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