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Sewa Experiences connects creative people, who in turn create bonds through unforgettable experiences. Such an experience is the artist’s workshop tour, in Brașov. For a few hours, you meet different artists from Brasov, in their creative space. The artists’ perspectives, ideas, colors, and lines move participants into a conversation about each other’s journeys in finding their authentic voices.

Romanian artists have several common themes and motifs in their artwork. Some of the most prevalent themes include nature, folklore, and political commentary. Many of these artists draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and the surrounding landscape, often depicting scenes of mountains, forests, and rivers in their work. Additionally, folklore and mythology are frequently referenced in Romanian art, with many artists incorporating traditional stories and symbols into their pieces. Finally, political commentary is also a common theme, with many artists using their work to express their views on social and political issues in Romania. Overall, the artwork of Romanian artists from Brasov is characterized by a deep connection to nature, a rich cultural heritage, and a strong sense of social and political engagement.

Romanian art dates back to the prehistoric times, with the earliest known examples being the cave paintings found in the Carpathian Mountains. However, the first recorded examples of Romanian art come from the Byzantine Empire, which ruled the region from the 4th to the 7th century.

During the Middle Ages, Romanian art was heavily influenced by the Orthodox Church, with many of the surviving examples being religious icons and frescoes. The 16th and 17th centuries saw an influx of Western European influences, particularly from Italy, which led to the emergence of a distinct Romanian Renaissance style.

In the 19th century, Romanian art underwent a period of rapid development, with many artists seeking to create a national identity through their work. This period saw the emergence of the Brasov School of Painting, which was characterized by a focus on realism and the depiction of Romanian landscapes and rural life.

Some of the key figures associated with the Brasov School include Ioan Andreescu, Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, and Theodor Pallady. These artists were known for their use of bright colors, attention to detail, and a desire to capture the essence of Romanian life and culture.

In our times, artists from Brașov open their workshops to welcome those curious to discover art from unique perspectives. This tour can be done on request as well as on the dates available here: Artist Tour – Schei Brașov. This experience is for audiences of all ages. On request, the tour can be bilingual (ro/en).

Victoria Țăroi

Maria-Magdalena Vacariu

Ioan Țăroi

Romeo Centiu

Marcela Rădulescu

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